Led Dimmable Downlight Complete Kit Ceiling Bulb COB 13W 88cm cutout White Warm

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Led Dimmable Downlight Complete Kit Ceiling Bulb COB 13W 88cm cutout White Warm Healthy, Eco-friendly, Higher energy-efficiency, Reduced carbon-emission The product is brand new and comes in factory package. These LED Globes contain high quality energy efficient LEDs producing low heat when in use. No UV or IR radiant. Application: Household, restaurant, hotel, office and show room lighting and many others. Important: All electrical installations including LED Transformer installations must be carried out by a Qualified Electrician to ensure safety and correct installation methods. Product specifications Power: 13W Power supply: External isolative AC 240V Working frequency 50-60HZ LEDs: COB 13W Beam angle: 110° CCT: 3000K (warm white) Materials: Aluminum Lamp Shell Color: White Lumens: 1040lm Life span: >30,000 Hours IP Grade: IP20 Ambient temperature: -20° C ~ +60° C Dimensions: Ф110mm×H85mm Cutout: Ð88mm Features 1. Fully novel design and high quality 2. Excellent light distributions. 3. Multiple Choices of Correlated Color Temperatures 4. COB light source which assures uniform luminance and no flare. 5. 100% Recycle No Pollution, No UV, And No IR. 6. Comes with Aluminum Alloy heat sink, makes it solid and durable 7. Provide bright and soft light, ideal for residential and commercial lighting. 8. Durable which allow low maintenance cost. Life expectancy: 50,000 hours or 22 years if used for 6 hours per day. This product is suitable only for use indoors, please do not use of the place in the open air. Please use this product accordance with the product rated voltage driver condition, If the product not in accordance with the provisions of the use, which cause damage to the product or other damage, the company does not undertake any responsibility. This product belongs to the vulnerable products, the transport process should be carefully. When you need to have plenty of light, instantly available with no warm up time, then our integrated downlight could be your best solution - with higher lumens of light available and a wide 110° beam angle, you get no shadowing yet you have a powerful light. Dimmable as standard but can be used with an on/off switch, the LED driver, wiring and gamble (adjustable) are also included in the prices. No additional items are required. It's no good having a powerful lamp which will last for years if the driver behind it is poor quality - we have teamed up with one of the largest producers of power supplies to ensure that the driver is of the highest technical and manufactured quality. Rated for continuous service and as it has a large pure aluminum heat sink the body temperature always stays low meaning increased long term reliability. The compact and integral design of the COB down light, make it ideal for a wide variety of lighting applications such as hotels, department-stores etc.